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Broadening appeal

Peter Symonds College (PSC)

Sixth form student recruitment. To communicate the student experience at PSC and position the College in the minds of students and parents as a first-class place to study

Uplift in enquiries

We ask a lot of the humble prospectus. This simple document must appeal to both prospective students and parents, (and, of course, the stakeholders). It must communicate all the essential facts and at the same time paint a picture of life at the College and what makes it unique.

Peter Symonds has a long and prestigious history. It was important not to lose sight of this whilst at the same time needing step outside of their traditional market and appeal to a wider demographic. We talked to prospective students about pick-up appeal visually and in messaging. We designed a publication that helped to communicate their history but with a strong sense of modernity to appeal to this new market.

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