Something resembling the truth

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Time to tell the truth?

Ok, so they are probably not an award winner for creative execution! But make no mistake these are good ads. Audiology at The University of Southampton is a subject appealing to a niche audience. The challenge is to find that audience. These ads generated high levels of engagement on Instagram and brought a lot of […]

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The rise of Geek Gods

Why are we here? It’s a big question. But I’m not talking philosophically or theologically here. That’s way too big a question for a humble creative! Perhaps it’s better phrased as: what do we do? I worked with an Account Director who when asked this question would reply, “we make people’s dreams come true”. Glib […]

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‘Vax core technology’: what does that mean in the world of education marketing?

I was maintaining my perspective on public opinion with an episode of Goggle Box recently. Whilst it was as educative as ever the commercial breaks where irritating. Especially one particular ad for a vacuum cleaner. It extolled the virtues of various hi-tech features including ‘Twin helix brush bar’ and ‘Vax Core Technology’. Each of these, […]

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